Thursday, November 21, 2019

Select 2 research studies published in peer-reviewed, refereed Proposal

Select 2 studies published in peer-reviewed, refereed journals in your discipline - Research Proposal Example Still more meaningful and unfortunate is the percentage of Catholic children in public high schools. About one-third of Catholic students attend Catholic secondary schools. It is more than evident to all concerned that religious instruction must be made available. The article by Barnard et al is based on a randomized experiment conducted in New York City. A one-way analysis of variance design, employing three randomized groups of subjects, which corresponds to the three conditions of high, low, and no self-disclosure, was utilized. After district approval to conduct research in the schools had been obtained, elementary principals were contacted by letter and phone to request school participation. When participation was secured, teachers were contacted by letter and asked to volunteer approximately 30 minutes of their time to participate in the viewing and rating of a videotaped consultation intervention. Consenting teachers were then scheduled for a viewing at their convenience. Subjects were assigned randomly to one of four conditions: technical language with teacher involvement, technical language without teacher involvement, nontechnical language with teacher involvement, or nontechnical language without teacher involvement. The article by Henthorn is based on qualitative analyses interviews and historical data was used. Just as reliability is estimated by calculating the internal consistency of a test form, a similar measure can be derived from a structured interview schedule. Control over the timing, the environment, and the question order is possible where no such control is possible with questionnaires. To the extent that these controls enhance validity, they fulfill reliability requirements by definition. For nonstructured interviews, no such reliability estimates are possible. The hypothesis of Barnard et al is to investigate â€Å"the

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