Sunday, February 9, 2020

Islam gave preference to men over women Research Paper

Islam gave preference to men over women - Research Paper Example In that case a burqa is a pagan invention, the pre-Islamic, preserved in some Muslim countries due to practical needs: protecting from the desert wind, carrying sand, protecting from the looks of men-strangers. By the way, the Arabs adhere increasingly the fourth verses of the Koran, which says to be married only on one woman, if the man has no possibility to satisfy her needs. Here we are talking about equality in property. In marriage, woman has the right to choose her husband. She can require the signing of a pre-nuptial agreement with her husband-to-be (Bakhtiar Web). The possibility of polygamy is provided in exceptional cases. For example, if a woman can`t have children, if there is a psychological or sexual incompatibility with her husband. The man is allowed to continue living with the first family and marries a second time. However the percentage of such marriages is extremely low in the Muslim countries, and on those territories, where women are more emancipated, like Syria, Jordan, Iraq, polygamy is practically absent, with rare exceptions. If we talk about the different rooms during praying in the mosques, it is arranged for the purpose that man must not see her in the position of committing Sujud (prostration during prayer). By the way, in many mosques women`s half of territory is carpeted or has heated floors. We have also another interesting fact. When a woman from a Muslim family goes to work, then all her salary arrives into her pocket, bypassing the so-called â€Å"family† budget. This point shows us that a Muslim woman can have even more rights in some cases than Christian one (â€Å"Women Laws† 40). Religion of Islam claims that a woman - as well as man - has a will, freedom of action and spirituality, and it considers her ability to achieve true perfection and happiness. Quran puts woman on a par with a man and refers to both at the same level (Roald 213). With this statement Islam destroys the ideology of the allegations

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